Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rebooting the Blog

It has been five months since the last post to this blog. In the intervening time, I got to thinking what I wanted to do with this space. So I decided to switch focus.

Originally I had intended this blog to document the "journeys of the Starship Enterprise", or at least my journey of discovery in the realm of software development. But I have to face the fact that, either I don't do much discovering I think worth blogging about, or I am very very bad at documenting my discoveries. On the other hand, there have been things I have come accross that have been helpful at the time. But when I want to go back and review them, or re-apply them or dig deeper, I would have trouble finding the resource again.

Because of the above I am going to reboot this blog by repurposing it. The primary audience for it will be myself, future me to be exact. This will be the place where I jot down stuff I find and want to be able to return to for reference.

If someone else also derives some benefit of it, all the better!

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